Archangel Fallen

What They're Saying...

“Although the events in this book follow the previous two, Archangel Fallen has its own solid and exciting plot…4 out of 5 stars “

-Portland Book Review

“Riveting, addictive and essential for any military thriller fan. The stakes in C.W. Lemoine’s Spectre series grow ever higher as pilot-turned-fugitive unearths a plot that threatens not only his life, but national security as well. “


“This third book in the Spectre series gives readers a compelling read, an escape into the world of international espionage and skilled fighter pilots. C.W. Lemoine’s Archangel Fallen will be sure to delight any adult reader seeking an action-packed, political thriller…..5 out of 5 stars “


If you are an espionage and military fiction fan, do yourself a favor and read this series.…5 stars! “