Spectre: Origins

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About the Book

Spectre: Origins is a prequel for the new thriller SPECTRE RISING by C.W. LEMOINE. This eBook contains six short stories with each giving a look into the lives of the main characters before the events of SPECTRE RISING.

– Sneak through the snow covered hills of Bosnia with Marine Sniper Marcus Anderson as he completes his final mission.

– Join TSgt Joe Carpenter as his convoy is ambushed on a highway in Afghanistan. Under heavy fire, he calls in airstrikes and rescue helicopters to save his disabled convoy.

– See promising young wingman 1LT Cal “Spectre” Martin in his first flight in the F-16 as a 39th Fighter Squadron “Gator” as he learns the art of dogfighting.

– Watch Cuban Intelligence agent Victor Alvarez infiltrate a major Federal Agency.

– Ride shotgun with Trooper Sean Baxter on the highways of East Texas as he uses his keen attention to detail to save a young child.

– Follow Capt Chloe “Eve” Moss as she struggles through her flight lead upgrade sortie in the F-16 during a 2 vs 1 engagement.