Stand Against Evil

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About the Book

After taking down a corrupt politician at the highest level in Washington, D.C., Spectre has finally found happiness. He and his new family have settled into what they hope will be a quieter life while Kruger and his team continue to hunt terrorists.

But when a horrific terror attack rocks a quiet New Orleans suburb, Kruger blames himself and walks away from his team. As the country recovers from the aftermath of the devastating attack in the following weeks, a pilot in Spectre’s new squadron mysteriously goes missing.

When Spectre convinces Kruger to get back in the game, Kruger and his team soon discover that another, more sinister terror plot is underway.

Determined not to let more innocent people die, they must use every resource available to prevent another massacre on U.S. soil and take down those responsible. But as the dead terrorist bodies start to pile up, Kruger and his team once again find themselves one step behind – although this time, not the terrorists, but an unknown vigilante whose mission is to STAND AGAINST EVIL.